Monday, November 17, 2008


I'd like to hear some Funky Dixieland, pretty mama come and take me by the hand.

Last night was Night 3 of The Best Weekend Ever (I'll blog the rest tomorrow). The wife of Mr's co-worker works for a radio station and gave us comp tickets to see the Doobie Brothers in Daytona Beach.
This was the 3rd time we've seen them, but it had been a REALLY long time.
The last two times were in arenas that hold over 12,000. Last night was an auditorium that holds 2,500. It wasn't sold out and we were in Row 20.
This current reincarnation of the band is AWESOME.

Here are my notes:

  • OLD DUDES ROCK! Simmons and Johnston are 60 years old!

  • TO THE RIGHT- Elderly people looking miserable. Why were they there?

  • TO THE LEFT-Large group of College Students (?-there are 4 Universities in the neighborhood) having a BLAST and dancing in the aisles.

  • ALL AROUND-People our age (who went to college in the 70's) dancing. Some of them were dancing without even standing up. You looking at ME?

  • Hubby was impressed with the guitar playing. I was too busy having a little crush on Skylark. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bass players.

  • They played many favorites from the pre-Michael McDonald years.Hubby tells me the Michael McDonald years were shit and MM ruined that era of the band.

  • They only played 90 minutes. Old Dudes need their rest.

  • ENCORE after people lit up their cellphones and held them up to the stage.Whatever happened to matches and lighters?

Come and dance with your daddy all night long.

Picture of the Doobies is from their official website


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun! You totally deserved a great time!

carrie said...

Yes! That sounds great, even though I was born in the 70's I still like me some Doobie Bros! :)

Anonymous said...

Way back in the mid-70s, I saw those dudes in concert. I don't know what festival it was or why I was there, only that I can still remember them singing "Whooooooaaaa... Listen to the music."