Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever

This was The Best Weekend Ever! Well, maybe The Best Weekend Since July!

DELLA, my trusty laptop had been in rehab. She needed a new post put into the port for AC power. Now she's home. I had been sharing my husband's computer for 2 months. Now I can post pictures again.
Peanut Crack&M's !! In Christmas Colors!!
Friday night we drove about 40 miles east to watch the Shuttle take off. The traffic was CRAZY and we got as far as this overpass in East Orlando. It's the little orange bright spot in the middle, just over the horizon. We watched until it passed over the full moon.
Saturday-Sorority Girl came to spend the day and night with me. We went shopping and watched Sydney White. It's one of those Amanda Bynes movies, total young chick flick, take-off on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is reworked on a college campus as Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. We only wanted to see it because a some of it was filmed on the UCF campus.
Sunday- we had our Holiday Kickoff Meeting at work. The company had sent one VIP bag to each store as a give-away. They pulled my name out of a bag and I WON!! $106 worth of Bath and Body Works products. Sooo exciting. Not everything is here because I shared.

Then Sunday night we saw the Doobie Brothers! (See yesterday's post for the re-cap). On the way home, we got ice cream at the new Bruster's Ice Cream.
They close at 10pm. We got there at 9:59pm and the manager could not have been nicer. He not only gave us ice cream coupons, but he gave us 4 coupons for a restaurant down the street. We will definately go back, just because he was so nice to us....and the ice cream was REALLY GOOD!


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Monnik said...

Yum. I love peanut m&ms. They are my weakness. All that B&B stuff is awesome too! Sounds like a great weekend!!