Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Night Thoughts

I'm alone with my thoughts tonight. My husband has gone to a funeral in MA. His close friend had cancer for 2 years, became terminal, decided to spend his last weeks being with family and friends and planned his memorial service. This friend spent the last 10 years devoting his life to Community Service on Cape Cod and will be greatly missed.
There was an article in today's Boston Globe about a musician who will go to your room and play the harp while you are dying. I'm a little creeped out by this. I would rather listen to some James Taylor or Bruddah Iz as my soul leaves my body.
I won't go into hideous details, but I have medical issues that are made worse by stress. The past month has been hell on my body. I have had a headache and stomachache for 2 weeks.

Yesterday I had a very uncomfortable and upsetting "discussion" with my boss. I say "discussion" because her idea of a "discussion" is that she is right, I am wrong, no matter how I present my side with logic and reasoning, she will ALWAYS be right, I will ALWAYS be wrong. I'm done spitting in to the wind.

After much soul-searching and a midnight phone call with my husband, I decided to quit that job.
Then I did a Reiki self-treatment and slept for 6 hours.
My headache is gone and after a day or two (of no food or caffeine or alcohol) I think my stomach will be fine.
THE DUGGARS ARE HAVING ANOTHER KID!!!! and I am once again creeped out. How is it that her UTERUS hasn't fallen out onto the sidewalk!!!

Grandma Sunshine State arrives for the winter on Wed. We are taking a week's vacation to take her down to Ft Myers Beach and open up her tin-can for the season. We may go spend a day in Everglades National Park. I'll bring the camera!
I spent some time this afternoon making Halloween Cards and listening to the soundtrack to WICKED!
And I leave you with my new favorite COLDPLAY song.


Heather said...

Congrats on the decision to leave a job that's making you ill.

Just discovered the Duggars myself yesterday. Wow.

And Wicked! Awesome idea. Is it really creepy enough for Halloween, though? I think of it like Annie for the 21st century. With flying monkeys instead of orphans.

My Name is Cat said...

Did you quit job #1 or job #2?

Whichever, glad you made the right decision there.

My Name is Cat said...

Oh, and those Duggers just disgust me. I honostly think she is trying to break a world record.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good for you to quit. Really. Nothing is worth misery that makes you physically sick. Here's to healing and finding something better now that you've unloaded that!

blackbird said...

So much news!

Loretta said...

I'm sure you made the right decision, esp for your health.

All will be well!

C said...

the duggars.... i have seen them on TV. i cannot believe her uterus HASN"T fallen out yet. how can they even still enjoy sex? must be like drivin through a tunnel for ole jimboob. i bet she wears a depends cuz there is NO way she can have any sphincter muscles left. eewwwwwwwwwww.

enjoyed reading your blog.
i shall return, vern.


Sam said...

You are too funny about the Duggars. I have often wondered that myself. I don't hate them like so much of the Internet does, but I do think that's a WHOLE lot of kids!

And I love that Coldplay song and video too.

I'm glad you quit your job, though I know it must be scary!