Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Kids Call Mom At Weird Hours

The Sunshine State offspring pick lovely times to call Mom.

Cape Cod Kid called at 12:45PM when I had to be at work at 1:00PM
  • He is on track to get his second Black Sash in KungFu in Jan or Feb
  • It's COLD up there. The gas fireplace is running a lot.
  • He has SQUATTERS. He lives in an in-law apartment attached to the house where the mother of his boss lives. Her daughter's family has come from Minnesota. They are sleeping in his living room. They don't know for how long. They have 2 Pit Bulls.
  • C and L are getting married. C is a Marine that served in Iraq. Everyone thinks they should wait because L is only 20. Hey, life is short, you know.
Sorority Girl called at 12:10AM on her way home from work.
  • She got bitten (AGAIN) by Fire Ants! This is the third time! She is allergic to Fire Ant bites! Every time she gets bitten by Fire Ants, her foot swells up like a balloon and it gets infected! She's going to the campus Health Clinic! Which antibiotics are on the list of ones you can get for free at the Publix Pharmacy?! She can't get a flip-flop on that foot! OMG!
And then I crawled into bed and waited until my heartbeat came back down to normal and fell asleep at 2AM.


My Name is Cat said...

20 is pretty young to make a lifetime commitment. Maybe after you've been to war you have a different perspective, though.

Amy A. said...

Oh, dear. I was hoping that parenting is easier with adult children, but it appears that I'm wrong.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Ouch on the fire ants! I just caught up in general at your site. I love your letter to Joe the Plumber!

blackbird said...

And my kids have no idea what those unexpected calls do to my nerves!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You must be exhausted from all that crazyness. Exciting for your son though.