Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poverty Party And My Two Jobs

A little background here. I have a college education. I have worked as a Lab tech, Pharmacy tech, Caregiver for people with Alzheimer's and done home care for Hospice. And I developed a few illnesses that are worsened by stress. To me, stress was worrying about my patients on weekends, or when the power went out, or they got sick during the night. So what's a girl to do?

I started getting part-time retail jobs. Bookstore, Candle Store, Bath and Beauty products store. They were more flexible about my taking time off work when I needed to. The pay was pretty crappy, barely above minimum wage, but I could pay for my $200/month worth of meds and still contribute to the family piggy bank.

Then the economy started flushing itself down the crapper, gas went up to >$4 a gallon and so did milk. People started using their hard earned money for essentials and not so much for impulse purchases. My job used to average 24-27 hours a week. Then the battle cry of every retail manager in America became "CUT PAYROLL". My hours dwindled slowly down to 18, then 13, then 10.

It took me all of August and September to earn what I did in July. I decided to get a second job.
I figured 10 to 12 hours at each would get me back to where I needed to be. But Boss #1 is "very disappointed" that I took another job. She apparently thought I would sit around and watch soap operas and eat Peanut Crack&M's until after the election and see if people were more hopeful about the economy. She's so disappointed that she cut me down to 4 hours a week.

I hope the newbie that gets my Saturday shifts generates as many sale $$$ as I do on a Sat.
Because Boss #2 is throwing me 20 hours a week and when Boss #1 is tearing her hair out during Holiday Rush, I'll be over at my second job.

My next Poverty Party post will be "Carrot Cake on a budget!" Because, who can afford $12.99 for CAKE??

UPDATE: Newbie who got my Wed night shift, didn't show up for work! Too bad, so sad.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Amazing how an employer can't see the common sense needs of an employee. I hope the new gig works out really well for you.

Amy A. said...

WHY do employers do that? They are only punishing themselves. Oh well, you will smell way better and get more freebies at the other place, eh?

blackbird said...

But how's your finger?

Duyvken said...

So true!! I'm glad boss #2 is providing good hours.

Monnik said...

Oh wow. Glad you got a good amount of hours from boss #2.

Sounds like boss #1 needs to reevaluate which employees are actually helping the bottom line.