Monday, October 6, 2008

Nine Finger Blues

I can't play blues guitar.
I can't wash a pan.
I can't roll a meatball.
I only got one hand!

I can't make a ponytail.
I can't box.
I can't tie my shoes.
I can't pull up my socks!

I got the blues. It's sad, sad news.
I got the hand in a bandage, Big BooBoo! Nine Finger Blues.

I can't wash my right elbow.
I can barely get dressed.
I can't open a jar.
That's what got me into this mess!!

I got the blues. Oh yeah, it's bad news.
I got the hand-splinted, bandaged-up, mighty sore, really stiff,
cranky ass, cry baby, Big BooBoo, Nine Finger Blues.


Anonymous said...

sounds great will work it with a e-7th blues riff, but you might have to sing it, thinkin' in a Janis Joplin style....maybe Bonnie Raitt but you are more of a Janis girl to me.

Anonymous said...

Sing it sister!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

But you got rhythm, baby, and you got me jiving along in my kitchen.

Sorry about your finger.

blackbird said...

It hurts me just THINKING about it.

My Name is Cat said...

I've lived with only one working hand for a while. No fun!

BOSSY said...

Yikes! The song, on the other hand: first rate.

Amy A. said...

Elevate, elevate, elevate!