Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Job News And A Love Story

Job News-Looking for a second job, because have you heard the ECONOMY SUCKS??!!!
Have been asked back for a second interview this afternoon. There is a teeny-tiny-pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, on to the LOVE`STORY. PART 1.
I take you back to 1972. I know, some of you weren't born yet, or were teeny-tiny babies.

I was a teenage Band Geek with no visible self-esteem. He was the new guy in town, football player with an ego to match his broad shoulders. He talked back to teachers. And he had a really cute Southern accent.
A year later he was dating my best friend. Football player had a career-ending knee injury. He and I flirted shamelessly all the time he was dating my friend. She knew she was moving far away at the end of the school year. She told me that he was going to move to Florida as soon as they were 18 and marry her. If I planned to date him after she was gone, she would never speak to me again.

School ended. No sooner did her family's car pull out of the driveway than he was sitting on my front porch. And he was there every night for the rest of the summer.


Amy A. said...

I love a good love story!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the interview!

Do we get to hear more about this love story?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love that story. How sweet! But why didn't he dump her sooner? Just wondering. Good luck with the interview.

Anonymous said...

You gotta understand that the boy was very shy personally even though very outgoing always the salesman outside of his small personal wall. he spent all that time making sure this was someone he could talk to laugh with grow with spend the rest of his life with. As an airforce brat he never had any longtime relationships and he was looking for the one and little miss sunshine was the one.