Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Week in the History of My Life

1958: I prepare to turn 1 and become a big sister.
1959: I prepare to turn 2 and become a big sister again.
1965: I prepare to turn 8 and become a big sister Again!

1975: I am about to start a 2 yr Medical Lab Tech training program and what I
fondly refer to as 2 years of hell. 2 years of peering through a
microscope at worms, sperms and germs until I thought my eyeballs
would dry up and fall out of my face.

1979: I am about to get married. There are a few glitches in the plans. We need
a new Best Man. We need a new priest (my cousin is sick). We need Dad
to recover from a stroke and be discharged from the hospital.

1984: I am expecting my first baby that will become Cape Cod Kid. (Dad called
him a little Pilgrim because he was born in Plymouth MA, right down the
street from the rock).

1987: Expecting my little Sorority Girl. Glad we are in a real house, now.

1994: Last birthday Dad and I would share. July would never be the same.

2006: Getting ready to fly back to MA after driving the Sorority Girl to Florida and wait for the Cape Cod House to sell.

2008: I want a new job and a new body. Both are getting really old.


Anonymous said...

Quite the momentous week for you!

I think you'll have an easier time getting the new job than you will the new body.

Avitable said...

So is this your birthday??

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Dad's was the 16th.
Mine is the 26th.
My sister's is the 22nd.
We used to have one party.

Monnik said...

July is a birthday month in our family too.

So sorry that you're missing your dad... :(

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns, Miss Sunshine State!