Friday, July 11, 2008

Guest Post From Tigger

Hi. I'm Tigger. I'm 10. I'm the Sunshine State Family Cat.
Little Miss Sunshine State is having a busy morning. She showered and shampooed, swept the floors, made the bed, drank 2 cups of coffee, exercised and now she's getting ready to meet Sorority Girl for lunch and go to work at 2pm.

Mr Sunshine got up first. I did my usual, walk 3 inches in front of his feet.
~Dude, that's the bathroom, not the kitchen. I can't believe you went in there BEFORE you fed me.
~Dude! That's LAST NIGHT'S WATER. What do you mean you are running late.
You better tell the woman to change it. I demand clean, fresh water twice a day.

I took a 2 hour nap while the woman did her morning chores. I helped her by curling up in the hall and not being underfoot.
~Hmmmm,now she's in the pantry. She's standing in front of the drawer with the can opener. If she's making tuna salad, I'm totally going over there to beg.
Nope, she's just having another cup of that hot, brown stuff.

She put some smelly stuff on her fingernails. That was a GREAT time to rub my face on her hands and get some lovin'.
Then she talked on the phone. I heard her say "Mom". I decided not to get on the phone and say "Hi". That woman doesn't like me AT ALL.

I was napping and opened one eye and saw Sunshine laying on the floor. This is the Universal Cat Signal for "Climb on my chest, you 24-pound ball of fluff".
She spotted me strolling over and started pulling her knees up into her chest. Total avoidance maneuver.
~It's starting to look a little Yoga-ish. If she does DOWNWARD DOG, I'm seriously going to bite her face.
Oohhhhh, Way to Rock the CAT STRETCH, Sister Sunshine!

Now she's walking out the door. I heard she might go to Boston's Fish Market.
She had better bring me leftovers. Or I'll seriously bite her face.

I'm exhausted. I need another 2 hour nap.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! Very funny! I think you have the cat's voice NAILED!

Kerry said...

I love grey cats. I think they're so pretty! If you've got time and if you haven't done this one yet, I tagged you on my blog!