Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunshine State Shopping Show

Mr and Mrs Sunshine State are dirt poor lately. Cape Cod Kid calls it “scrabble-ass poor”. Because the ECONOMY SUCKS and we are employed in the retail sector of the American Working Class. The Sorority Girl needed ANOTHER formal dress for ANOTHER Sorority function and I need to get a part-time job at David’s Bridal just for the discount! I think Sorority girls enter beauty pageants because their mother’s say “GEEZ, you might as well. You already have the wardrobe.”

And gas cost $3.91/gal and I have an SUV. You do the math.
I won’t be working the month of June, because I’ll be taking care of Mom in MA. More to follow on that subject.

I had a very limited shopping budget today and had to high-five myself for how I did. Let’s examine my shopping receipts.

CVS- can you say FREE bone density screening? They gave me a $3 coupon, presumably to buy calcium supplements, but I’m way stocked up so I used my coupon to get 5-12packs of Diet Pepsi for $9. WHoo-hoo! A week’s supply!! Just kidding. Doesn’t that stuff leach calcium out of your bones?

COSTCO- I love how there is a part of the parking lot that I call the LEXUS LOT where the Lexus owners all park diagonally, taking up 3 spaces each, so no one can dent their doors.
I bought 700 (yes! a 2 year supply) coffee filters for $2.59. I figure if the cost of Cottonelle gets too high…..I’m just sayin’….
I also got Egglands Best eggs. 18 for $2.59 and Nature’s Own White Wheat bread. 2 loaves for $2.99.

On to WINN-DIXIE (we’re in the SOUTH y’all).
Tomatoes were $1.79/lb
Fresh green beans were $1.29/lb
Bananas were .69/lb
Vidalia Onions were .89/lb
Kraft BBQ sauce was .79
Ground Beef was $2.07/lb
Chocolate Chips were $1.89 a bag
Brown Sugar was .75/lb

I’ll be trying the crockpot meatloaf recipe I grabbed from Memarie Lane.
Sorority Girl just called and asked if I would make her some Peanut
Butter/Chocolate Chip brownies this week. It was one of those weird mother-daughter brainwave-exchange things.
We might do omelettes for dinner one night.

I’m still worked up over the price of milk. $4 a gallon!! Thank goodness I don’t have milk-drinking teenagers in the house anymore. We just need a few splashes in our Cheerios and something to splash a little Kahlua into.


blackbird said...

Pass that Kahlua, will you?

Avitable said...

Have you ever tried The Grocery Game?

Anonymous said...

Time for sorority girl to get a jobby job! ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is getting ridiculous.