Thursday, May 1, 2008

Play The "No Health Insurance" Game

The "No Health Insurance" Game

Play along with me. It's fun. There are no right or wrong answers.

1) Your 2 most important medications cost a total of $240 a month.
Do you...
a) Beg free samples from your doctors

b) Save money by buying $5 shirts for work at stores that have
MART in their names

c) Eat Cheerios for lunch

d) All of the above

2) One of your other medications is a $4 Generic at MART.
Do you...
a) Stand in line with lots of other uninsured people

b) Shop for $5 shirts until the line gets shorter

c) Pick up "Buy one-get one free" boxes of Cheerios on the way
back to the pharmacy

d)All of the above

3) Have you ever tried to DIAGNOOGLE yourself with any of the following.

a) Thyroid Cancer

b) Fractured Bone

c) Giant Cell Arteritis

d) All of the above

4) Your daughter goes to University of Tropical Paradise (also known as
Flip-Flop U. ) They have a fabulous student health care facility. She gets very
sick one night after they have closed for the night.
Do you...
a) Tell her to wait until the health center opens in the morning

b) Tell her to go to Urgent Care, even though they demand $150
up front.

c) Have Frat Boyfriend and the Frat Boys take her to the ER,
because the hospital will bill us later.

* I picked "c"

5) Because you come from a long line of stooped-over women with Osteoporosis
your doctor wants you to have a Bone Density test.
Do you...
a) Put it off for a year

b) Take Calcium and Vit D every day

c) Scour the internet for discount Bone Density tests

d) All of the above

See? Wasn't that fun? Now I'm off to search the internet for free mammograms.


Melissa said...

I take pride in our developed nation when I read stories like yours. Don't you feel pride? AAARRRGGGHHH!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Yet another argument for universal health care!

blackbird said...

I'm planning on using this post as a medical reference in the future.

Loretta said...

Well now, I happen to have the links to every medical diagnostic site on the web and know them well enough to diagnose myself and all others without ever having to visit a doctor.

As for the bone density - just had it, have the very first stage of osteopenia - or however it's spelled - and all the doc did was say "execise and take Calcium with vitamin D."

There: saved you probably a coupla hundred bucks!