Sunday, May 4, 2008

6 Random Blah-Blahs About Me

I got tagged by Kerry. I don't know 6 people who haven't already done this, so I'm not tagging anyone else.

1) I was the first generation of my family to speak English since birth. All my great-grandparents were French speaking Canadians. My father’s parents were born in Canada. My mother’s parents were born in Massachusetts and so were both of my parents, but they all spoke French. They all eventually learned to speak English. One of my grandfathers never learned his prayers in English and said the Rosary in French his entire life. I went to a Catholic school that began French lessons in Kindergarten. I can read and understand French much better than I can speak.

2) I took piano lessons for 8 years. I had good technique but never really FELT the music the way I was supposed to. Up until I was a senior in high school, I wanted to major in music, but I decided to go to a community college and get a medical technology degree instead. I kept playing the piano until about 5 years ago. I don’t own a piano anymore.

3) I never flew on a plane until I was 22 and going on my honeymoon. Later, I developed an anxiety disorder and HATED to fly. I have flown a lot in the past 3 years and I am no longer afraid to fly. I even look out the window!

4) I LOVE to bake. I learned to bake before I learned to cook anything else. Cake, pies, brownies, cookies. My best made-up cookie recipe is Cranberry-White Chocolate-Pecan.
My best cookie from someone else’s recipe is Amaretto-Walnut-Chocolate Chunk. I haven’t had very good luck with bread.

5) I have 3 lovely surgical scars. One is in front of my right ear. I had damaged cartilage removed from my jaw, because of severe TMJ, when I was 15. One is on my right bicep. I had a neurofibroma removed a few years ago. One is on the back of my right foot. I had corrective surgery 2 years ago for major arthritis damage.

6) If I had a tattoo it would probably have the initials of my husband and kids and the #50 because I had been sick for 12 years and started improving. I had moved to Florida and my youngest child was in college and I felt like I was living a whole new life starting at age 50.


Anonymous said...

I would love to speak French and play the piano. I took lessons when I was younger, but I'm not musically inclined and never got anywhere with my music. As for the French, I am trying to learn now. Hopefully, this not-quite-old dog isn't too old for a new trick.

Mrs. G. said...

Well, I believe you may need to get that 50 tattooed somewhere that only your husband can see it! It's kind of fun.

blackbird said...

A great list. Small insights.

Melissa said...

Your baking habit has me drooling right now--yum!

Melissa said...

sorry! Now you can!!!

Amy A. said...

I've got long hair and blue toes, too! I don't think I'm a certain age yet, though. But I plan to keep these things for a long while. :)