Wednesday, April 2, 2008

More Devil Dog....and a FLOOD

Devil Dog upstairs continues to bark whenever his owners go away and leave him locked in the bedroom. He has NEVER barked when they are home. Until tonight.

I was reading the comments in Miss Britt's blog
She is some kind of funny girl and she wears FABULOUS shoes (I saw the pink ones in person at the Bossy Lovefest.)
And I laughed so LOUD and BOISTEROUS that I made Devil Dog bark!!!!!!!

Oh, and Devil Dog's owners had some type of plumbing issue last night and called Rotorooters and whatever they did to the pressure in the pipes, made some pipe in our Laundry Room start leaking like Niagara Falls. It took every bath towel and beach towel and paper towel in our apartment to sop up the mess.

And just for more shits and giggles, my nephew was snowboarding in NH yesterday and fell and shattered his right shoulder in 2 places and and also broke his collarbone. Last I heard, he was in a lot of pain and my sister was waiting to see if he will need surgery.

And Mom has some kind of inflamed artery feeding her right eye. It was causing her to have a non-stop headache. If this is untreated it can cause permanent blindness.

And Sorority Girl got a flat tire. The Frat Boys came to her rescue and put on the little donut tire. (but not Frat Boyfriend- he was on the golf course. He's going to make a damn fine husband, someday)
Bank of Mom and Dad had to make a $79 withdrawal to fix that puppy.

I'm just a tiny stressed-out. But it's OK. I'm medicating myself with a 2 Lb bag of Jellybeans.


Miss Britt said...

Oops. Sorry about that! I take full responsibility for ruckus caused by my comments.

Melissa said...

Oh man. Poor thing. The nephew, not the neighbors. At least you have some humor and jellybeans.