Friday, March 14, 2008

I Got Run Over By A UPS Truck

Just kidding. It only feels like it.
You know I work at PB. This week was 800 boxes of summer fun to open, floor set, and an art festival in the park next to the store.
And Spring Break. That means all the college kids that work in the stockroom were away on vacations. And I get to work stock, because I have done it before.
And because my boss sometimes forgets I am 21 years older than her.

This afternoon I was the stock runner, gift wrapper, cashier and phone answerer all rolled into one. I need a vacation.

Just in time, my vacation started at 6pm! I'll spend the next week with my Mom, my sister and my brother's wife as houseguests. We'll go out for lunch to celebrate Sorority Girl's 20th birthday, go to the beach( because the sisters-from-up-north are craving some warm sunshine), do a little sightseeing. No theme parks. Maybe a State Park. (By the way, we saw about 40 Manatees at Blue Springs State Park last weekend).

Gotta go clean a bathroom.


Loretta said...

Ah, I love that Sorority Girl came home! The Princess only did one Florida Spring Break and it didn't work out so wonderfully, which I loved but don't tell her!

Enjoy your vacation!

Melissa said...

How cool. I never have seen a manatee--other than on TV.

Amy A. said...

Loved your B post! Have a good little vacation!

blackbird said...

People don't clean bathrooms on vacation!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Heavy lifting just doesn't get easier with age!

The bright side of not having a teenager anymore is . . . you don't have a teenager anymore!