Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As of 2 minutes ago, I am no longer the Mother of A Teenager. My baby, my princess, my Sorority Girl is 20 today.
I thought she would be a St Patrick's Day baby. Her middle name is even Patricia, for her grandmother and aunt. She waited until the 18th. Which means next year she can't legally drink until after midnight.

She was a sweet, quiet baby and little girl. And girly from the get-go. One of her first sentences was I NEEEEEED a Barbie! I am a tree-hugging-crunchy-granola-hippie kind of Mom, she is a Vera Bradley-American Eagle-Pearl Earrings kind of girl.

She always was my Velcro Child (attached to my left leg) and I let her.
Because I once thought I would lose her. Let's just say kidney issues and surgery at 18 months.
We call each other "my conjoined twin" and "my better half".
God gave her to me to make me laugh. She knows I love her always and endlessly.

Today she spent the day with me, her grandmother and two of her aunties, lunching and shopping and giving them a tour of her campus. We took pictures of ourselves posing and laughing.

I have been blessed.


Melissa said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like you have hit your stride with your daughter--how lucky for both of you!

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday Sorority Girl! Sounds like you guys have a great relationship. My mother and I have an awesome relationship as well and I wouldn't trade it for anything!


blackbird said...

That's a nice birthday tribute -
tell her I wish her a happy...

Loretta said...

Happy Birthday, Sorority Girl! What a lovely relationship you two have. I know what you mean about being a hippie mom with a pink-loving little girl. The Princess and I are the same way. Have fun!

Amy A. said...

It's nice to see you are friends with your baby girl.