Friday, January 18, 2008

Craft Store Crazy With A Side Of Gift Card

Mom gave me a gift card for Christmas for my favorite craft store. I can squeeze every last penny out of a gift card. I knew I wanted the Fiskars portable cutter. I had a 50% off coupon so I got that for $20.

Everything else in the picture came from the $1 clearance racks. 2 pounds of Hershey Kisses for many,many batches of Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies.
2 Christmas baskets that I will De-Christmas and use the ribbon to make them
into baskets for all my bathroom counter clutter. 3 ounces of royal blue boa yarn that will become a scarf to go with my favorite denim jacket. And a cute black, white and red blank journal to record my Weight Watcher Points.

(I'm not going to the WW meetings. I've been there,done that multiple times. I don't need the pep talks or the recipes or the semi-public weigh-in. I just count my points. 35 Lbs down. 25 to 30 more to go.)

And I still have $12 left on my gift card!


Amy A. said...

Gift certificates are the best.

Congrats on the weight loss! 1/2 way there. Keep up the good work.

Loretta said...

I can't take those WW meetings, either. Heard it all, done it all.

Your haul looks great - love a good sale!

Jen M. said...

I Loooove peanut butter blossoms!