Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ugly Marshmallow Santa

I'm all Chrissmassick. Mon was the stomach thing. Tues was the migraine thing.Wed was the head cold thing. I got it from all the dirty money and credit cards I handle in the winter retail forest. The co-elves are infected, the keyboard is infected, the phones are infected, the merchandise is infected. I can only bathe in so much antibacterial gel between customers. Tomorrow night I'm hauling a can of Lysol spray with me.
Yesterday I starved the cold. Last night I fed it some Chicken Caesar Salad, cranberry juice and went for the Marshmallow Santa. Imagine my disappointment when I pulled off the wrapping and he looked like this...

The skinniest, flatest, ugliest marshmallow Santa. Marshmallow is supposed to be fluffy. (Like Peeps. Ask me about Peep Wars).This picture makes him look HUGE. I measured him. 3 inches tall. 1 inch wide. 1/4 inch thick. Gone in 3 bites. So unsatisfying. So I had to eat the other 3 just like him in the package.

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AuthorMomWithDogs said...

Peeps? Stale peeps are a delicacy around here. :) Found you through Mrs.G's. I also look for funny when I read. Good for the immune system.