Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

We've been having ongoing discussions about getting another cat. The past 16 months are the longest I've gone without a pet since 1974. Actually, Sorority Girl and I have been begging for a dog, but since Mr Sunshine is 100% against it, I guess that isn't an option.

I'm starting to think, if we're going to get one, we may as well get two. That means probably getting 2 kittens from the same litter. SG wants to name them Colby and Jack. Sounds a little cheesy...heh, heh.
I would consider two older cats that have bonded to each other at the shelter.

Yesterday I spent some time looking at 30 pages on the Humane Society website. There are a LOT of black cats for adoption. I'm ruling out anything long-haired or that remotely looks like a Maine Coon. I loved Tigger but a 24 pound cat is like having a perpetual toddler. I couldn't pick him up and he pooped and peed like a 2 yr old who isn't potty-trained.

I've never had a female cat and I'm thinking I might like a petite little calico or tortoise-shell. My sister has a sweet little tortoise-shell girl named Snickers.
I'll keep you updated on the adoption process.


Crazy Mom Tats! said...

As a cat lover, I have to tell you that calicos, while lovely, are notoriously temperamental. (I had one for years. She was a bitch.)

And I wouldn't get kittens - get bounded cats that are at least 10 months old. You won't be sorry!

Suzanne Casamento said...

I like that you're going to adopt a cat (or two). Seems like a nice way to start the year. :)

Sorority Girl said...

Correction: you are getting kittens. If I can't have a dog you have to at least give me the joy kittens
Also, it will not be Colby and Jack. It will be one of them having the name name Colby Jack. He will preferably be orange and white and we will call him CJ for short :)

bunny said...

Tips from your Humane Society employee friend:
1) unless there are special circumstances (grew up together and bonded), adopt one girl, one boy; same sexes never do as well together
2) tabbies are nice...or torties; don't get a Siamese! talk about tempermental!
3) I know SG doesn't want to hear this, BUT kittens are hard...they take training, like a puppy and are often bent on destroying all they see
4) make SURE if they are not spayed or neutered when you adopt to have that done ASAP!!; pediatric spay/neuter (8 wks or 2 lbs) is what we do; will prevent marking and other bad behaviors

Call or email me if you have any questions; BTW, black cats = black cat/dog syndrome....very common in shelters; they are overlooked because people think they are evil, they don't photo well, etc.

Sorority Girl said...

Kittens. I'll train them

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm pretty sure, after reading the comments, you're getting kittens.

We used to have cats named Quesa and Tacquito--so I hear you on the cheese names!

Caterina said...

"I couldn't pick him up and he pooped and peed like a 2 yr old who isn't potty-trained"

Ha, ha, ha...bwaahahahaha :D That just cracked me up.

Whatever kitty you get, he/she is gonna be very lucky!