Saturday, December 17, 2011

Countdown To Christmas-Day 17

Today was the day I almost lost my Christmas Shizzzz.

I planned to package up all the gifts going to MA and GA and MN. I figured if I started at 10am, I could get it done and get in the post office line by 11:00am. I discovered at 10am that I had  no....

Deep breath....I could skip the shower and the second cup of coffee, run to CVS, run home, pack up the gifties and get to the post office by 11:30am.
At 11:15 I realized I couldn't get all the packages wrapped and get to the post office by noon.
Deep breath...I decided to pack up the two gifts that had the farthest to travel.
Mission accomplished. The remaining gifts that have to travel to GA can get into the mail on Monday and make it there before Friday.

Today, Mr Sunshine had his Double 5 birthday. Like many close-to-Christmas babies, he usually gets lame birthday gifts, but this year was different. He left work early due to a power failure that wasn't going to get fixed until 6pm. He ran into a Birthday/Christmas Elf in the aisles of W-Mart. The elf whispered in the Birthday Man's ear and this is what is now in our bedroom...
It's a 40 inch Sony flat screen with Media Streaming Capabilities!!!!!! He's happier than a Sports Nut with a big TV in the bedroom!!! Now I can watch Netflix movies in bed!!!

I'll let you know if we start eating our meals in bed.


blackbird said...

You are as bad (good) as us!
We have a 40 inch tv in our bedroom too.
It's fabulous.

Happy Day to Mr. Sunshine.

bunny said...

Hubs won't let me have a TV in the bedroom so I am thinking of adding a bed to the living room! hehe

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hooray for the TV!!!
Funny--I ran out of packing tape Friday!

Suzanne Casamento said...

OOO! That TV is PRETTY! Happy Mr. Sunshine B-Day to YOU!!!