Thursday, December 15, 2011

Countdown To Christmas-Day 15

Do you ever make food gifts for Christmas?

I try to do food treats every year to grab when I'm seeing friends around the holidays. In past years I've made homemade tootsie rolls, big chocolate snowman lollipops, peppermint bark, cookies. Last year I did a spice mix with directions to make a Mexican dip.

I heard of something called Reindeer Chow. I googled it (are you surprised?). It sounded like Chex Mix with melted white chocolate all over it. I decided to make my own mix...
There are M&M's, red, white and green Jelly Belly jelly beans, peanuts and white chocolate coated pretzels.
I had enough mix to fill 7 bags with 3 scoops each of mix.
I found a website with a poem about Reindeer Chow.
She has the original recipe with the cereal and melted chocolate. I'm going to copy her poem and tie it to the bags.

When reindeer fly on Christmas night,
They work up quite an appetite!
But Mrs. Claus knows what to do,
To feed them when the flight is through.
She mixes up some Reindeer Chow.
A secret only she knows how.

With something salty, something sweet,
It’s Rudolph’s favorite reindeer treat.
Back in her kitchen at the Pole,
She heaps it high in every bowl
To welcome her returning crew.
So here’s a batch that’s just for you!

Reindeer Chow Poem Copyright © 2009 by Cynthia Ewer.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Heck, I even like the NAME. "Reindeer Chow."