Monday, September 19, 2011

Eating and Drinking Our Way Through Savannah

We just spent 3 days in Savannah. Mr Sunshine is still editing the photos and I have a lot to say about the city, but I'll tell you about the eating and drinking first.

We skipped all the "famous" places because you had to have reservations. We also skipped Paula Deen's place because we peeked in the window at the buffet and it looked like Heart-Attack-On-A-Plate. We tend to ask local workers what they recommend.

Ever block or so there is a candy factory. There are huge barrels of penny candy and you can watch them make Salt Water Taffy. You know what a Turtle is? They tripled the size and call them Gophers. I resisted. Instead I went to the The Peanut Shop and got a tin of Cinnamon Peanuts.

We started at Spanky's on the riverfront. I ordered a tossed salad with shrimp. What arrived was a giant fried tortilla filled with tossed salad and topped with 3 DOZEN FRIED SHRIMP!

Dinner was at Vinnie VanGoGo. All they have on the menu is pizza and you'd better have cash because they don't accept plastic. It was good and only made better by my cold Yuengling on tap.

We capped the night by warming some barstools at Murphy's Law and playing trivia with the locals.

The next day we had a decent buffet breakfast at the hotel so we skipped lunch. I did have a drink at Wet Willie's. They have a huge selection of frozen daiquiries. Their extra added something is Grain Alcohol along with the rum. Did you know that in Savannah you can walk the streets with adult beverages, as long as they are in plastic cups?!

It was our anniversary and we asked a ticket seller from the Trolley Tour for a suggestion. He sent us to Belford's Of Savannah.
Mr Sunshine had Lobster Ravioli and I had Butternut Squash/Pancetta Risotto with shrimp. We mmmm'ed a lot during that meal! It is in a really cool building that was built in 1902 for a Jewish congregation and later sold to the Belford's as a wholesale grocery warehouse.

That didn't stop us from hitting Lulu's Chocolate Bar on the way back to the hotel. They have all kinds of sweet martinis and unbelievable desserts. We shared a giant piece of CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY SUSPENSION CAKE...2 layers of chocolate cake with a big middle layer of whipped cream with strawberries mixed in, the whole thing is covered in a layer of chocolate that is as thick as a candy bar.

We were on the road the next morning to Tybee Island and Hilton Head, so we didn't eat in town.
For dinner, back in town we hit Corleone's Trattoria.  You would think Italian, right? It's more of an Italian/Middle Eastern combo place. Mr Sunshine had a combo kabob with spanakopita and I had stuffed manicotti. We ordered side dishes of meatballs (3-the size of tennis balls) and sausage. There was so much food that half of it came home with us in the cooler for leftovers last night and lunch today!

We went back to Murphy's Law along with about 100 SCAD students who were there for cheapo Pabst Blue Ribbon night. After escorting me back to the hotel Mr Sunshine got a craving for more of Lulu's Cake and went for a piece to bring back and share with me.

The next morning we got into a long line to have breakfast at Goose Feathers Express Cafe and Bakery. If I wasn't diabetic I would have gotten the sticky bun that was the size of a frisbee. I enjoyed my Apple-Cinnamon bagel with low fat cream cheese and bowl of fresh fruit.

We're back on the low-carb diet but have some pretty good food memories of Savannah.


Suzanne Casamento said...

You just took my fantasy vacation. Eat, drink, eat, drink, eat, drink...


BTW, my word verification is nommen. Sounds like nommen, nommen, nommen. Delicious eating sounds!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Oh my, this all sounds wonderful. A food porn blog post, indeed.

bunny said...

Yum! You make me want to take a road trip! Maybe we can meet there next year. And be glad you skipped Paula hubs went there and said it was overrated.

Gail said...

I'm drooling. Nothing makes a good vacation like good food! Glad that you're having a good time.

Jocelyn said...

I'm sitting here, trying to fend of the need for a literal midnight snack...and this post didn't help at all. *dramatic sigh* Ah, well, I'm going to call this post a filling snack in itself.