Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Molly McQuirky Eats Out

I have a "difficult" alter ego. I call her Molly McQuirky.
Molly is a real hoot when you take her to a restaurant, because she tends to be a little picky about food. This is especially so when she has little control over how it was prepared.

Beef is hardly ever ordered because her idea of "medium-well" is very particular. The middle must be an exact shade of barely pink with no visible charred black stuff on the outside.

Come along with Molly as she orders...
MEXICAN- 2 enchilladas, no jalapenos, no black olives, black beans on the inside, not the outside, low-fat cheese and sour cream, no rice on the side, NO_NO_NO hot sauce. Actually, no sauce of ANY kind. BIG Shout-out to Tijuana Flats. They make Molly's order EXACTLY right, every time :-)

PIZZA- No meat, no black olives, not too much oregano in the sauce, not too overdone (not a speck of black on the dough).

CHINESE- No white rice-just steamed brown rice, no broccoli, no dark chicken meat with visible fat ,no fried meat or seafood, no spicy sauce.

SUSHI- No large chunks of raw fish, no wasabi, no chopsticks, no pickled ginger. A couple of California rolls, some steamed and salted edamame and she's good to go.

DELI SUBS- Publix Supermarket deli, turkey on whole wheat, VERY light mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, no cheese. Every.Single.Time.

Anyone volunteer to take Molly out for lunch?

This post was inspired by Meg At The Member's Lounge and her tale of her former bosses ordering lunch


Suzanne Casamento said...

WOW. You are EXACTLY the kind of client I do NOT want to cook for.

But I love your blog! ;) xoxo

Monnik said...

Ha. Are you related to my husband?

P.S. That's not sushi. :P

Trash said...

Dear Molly,

while obviously I would like to take you out for lunch on reflection and checking my diary I find I am washing my hair that day. Or maybe it is the day I am due to get that bone in my knee checked out.

Many apologies.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've met her out for breakfast before;)

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I'm pretty picky too. When I went to Ireland I refused to order anything they might put mayo on; they are insane over the use of it there. I stuck to soup and salad and that was that.

Kaylen said...

funny! Some people think I'm picky because the only meat I eat is chicken. I hardly see how that is being that picky. I'll eat almost anything-as long as it doesn't have a meat that isn't called "chicken."
Oh, and I work with a bunch of people who NEVER worry about calories EVER and I'm the only one who cares about such matters - and I just don't go if they are going to a restaurant that doesn't have something (aka chicken) that is less than 1000 calories for a lunch item. But they think I'm picky....bleh. I should have them take Molly out sometime!!