Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scattered Like Bird Seed

I can't string two consecutive thoughts here are my scattered bird seed under the feeder.

INSOMNIA sucks lemons. Insomnia+neck spasms=5 day headache.

WORD MOJO GOLD and MAH JONG SOLITAIRE...addicted and refuse to believe it contributes to my headache.


CAPE COD now the official Chief Instructor at the KungFu school. He'll spend non-teaching time recruiting new students with PR and events. It is enough pay that he could quit his former day job. He'll keep the Security job with the dance club... his girlfriend works there too, so they get to spend more time together. He sounds SOOO happy.

FINGERNAILS...mine...If money was no object I would get a weekly manicure.  I clip, I file, I buff and I try to manage my ratty cuticles. Yesterday I gave up and cut and filed them down as fer as they would go. Hello stubby looking fingers!

BOOKS...I keep thinking I should review some books here, but now I'm behind by about 30 books and it seems overwhelming. Currently enjoying Clara And Mr Tiffany...that one is going to get a dedicated post. Mother's day gift was a new Nikon Coolpix S3100. So far I have read the manual twice and haven't taken one single decent photo. I may need a NIKON FOR DUMMIES book or trade it in for a no-frills point and shoot CAMERA FOR DUMMIES.

CASEY ANTHONY MURDER TRIAL...happening in my back yard. 2 yr old disappears... 3 years ago, Mom says a non-existant nanny kidnapped the kid, body is found buried 2 blocks from home, 6 months later,  Mom is a chronic liar, every time she gets caught in a lie, she creates a bigger lie. Defense attorney has called her a stupid liar in his opening statements...

...but we are to believe the defense that the grandfather found the baby in the bottom of  the pool, grandfather got pissed at the mom and grandfather (former cop/detective), doesn't do CPR or call 911 and he decided to cover up the death. Supposedly Mom partied for 30 days after the baby died because she was in denial and afraid to tell the truth about the grandfather because he abused her over 10 years ago....but she let the baby live with the grandparents and she requested that her father visit her in jail. It's like a freaking train wreck that has been in the news on a daily basis for 3 years now...and I can't. stop. watching.

ART...Trying to teach myself how to draw. I have a couple of "how-to" books and I am playing with a sketchpad, colored pencils and extra-fine Sharpies. I think I'm being way too OCD...but I'm keeping at it. I might post some of them and let you all have a crack at giving me some feedback.

That's all the scattered bird seed for today.


Cat said...

Glad for Cape Cod Kid.
I'm trying to avoid the trial because I know I will get sucked in if I even peek.

Becca said...

And there is NO WAY dark chocolate almonds might be contributing to the headache, right?? right????

Suzanne Casamento said...

Great post! So much to think about.

Chocolate almonds? AMEN!

So glad Cape Cod Kid sounds happy. I love happiness that you can hear.

Casey Anthony. Yuck. Horrible. So sick it's hard to think about. That woman has it coming.

Books. That's a good idea. I just finished a book on my last trip. Perhaps I will review it tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration.

As for the insomnia and the headaches, I'm sorry. That sucks. I'll be sending you good thoughts.

robertga99 said...

Sorry about your headaches. They suck!

Glad Cape Cod kid is happy.

Those almonds sound amazing!

Casey Anthony is an idiot...a murderer...liar...and on and on

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

How great for CC Boy! Love it when their plans begin to meld and you can see their lives take off.

Kudos to you for the drawing plans. Stop worrying about how and just do! I need to get some of those almonds.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

When Nancy Grace gets started on "tot mom" I can't seem to change the channel!