Sunday, January 2, 2011

Survive and Thrive?

I don't have the energy to look back at my Best of 2010. Last year was more like the Year Of Survival for my little family.

Mr Sunshine survived the Diabetic Crisis that landed him in ICU.  I survived The Summer Of The Broken Face...and becoming diabetic...and quitting my crappy retail job. Cape Cod Kid survived a car accident that could have been much worse. The other driver fell asleep at the wheel and totalled the Kid's car. The Kid walked away without a scratch...or a car for almost 2 months. Sorority Girl survived another year of University of Tropical Paradise, with a change in major and moving to a new house...AGAIN.

I do have a few goals for 2011.

CLOSET ORGANIZING: My Mom gave me a gift card to get closet organization stuff.
FILE ORGANIZING: My "favorites" file on this computer has 285 no sense of order.
RECIPE ORGANIZING: I have been collecting recipes for 31 years. They all live in a plastic shoebox with no sense or order. This year they are going into a recipe book. First I need to weed out all the recipes that are NOT diabetic-friendly.

NEW JOB: I will search for a new job. I think 10 years of retail have burned me to a crispy crunch. I am hoping for a job in another field. I am also hoping for a job that doesn't make my bullshit meter run at full-speed.

LOSE WEIGHT: I know, I say that every year, but I feel like I'm making good progress this year (except for the current uptick that may or may not be medication-related)
KEEP WALKING: I can do 2 or 3 miles, depending on the weather and my back. I hope to either get up to 4 miles, or improve my 50 minute time on the 3 mile walk.
WALK FOR CHARITY: Most charity walks are 5K...or 3.1 miles. Hey, I can DO that! Sorority Girl and I are planning to do our first walk in March for the JUVENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION.  It's hard enough for an adult to handle, I can't imagine being a parent who has to monitor diet and stick needles into their child to check blood sugar and give insulin. I have so much respect for those parents.

KEEP BLOGGING: This one is just my brain thoughts spilling out onto the keyboard. I need to work harder on our other little blog Deperate Diabetic Cooks.



Jen on the Edge said...

I like your goals and the way you've already decided how you're going to achieve most of them.

Regarding your recipes, have you thought about saving some of the non-diabetic friendly ones for your kids? Specifically, the ones that have been in the family for a while? They might appreciate being able to make their grandmother's butterscotch pie.

I know a family with a kindergartner with juvenile diabetes. She was diagnosed when she was three. She has an older sister and one-year-old twin sister, so the parents have a lot to deal with. Yet, they seem to totally have things under control. Whenever we get together for dinner, they just check her numbers and then add insulin as needed (she has a pump and they move around the point of entry every couple of days).

Mrs. Tuna said...

As you may know, my goal is to not eat my young.

Audubon Ron said...

All good efforts for 2011.

bunny said...

My goal is to have no goals. So far, I am sticking to it.

One wish is to meet you...I am already planning that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Funny--recipe organizing is on my radar, too.

velocibadgergirl said...

Wow, I bet you are glad to see the back of 2010...what craziness :S

I hope you'll post photos of your closet organization project!

Ranchnotes said...

Read the Lost Art of Walking. It saved my life. I walked 18 miles one day.