Sunday, November 7, 2010

NoBloPoMo: Day 7-Tolerating

I'm doing National Blog Posting Month with a twist. Every day I'll write 5 different things about a specific topic.

NaBloPoMo Day Seven- 5 things I'm tolerating, instead of dealing with.

1. Eyesight~ I need an eye exam. I still live in the Land Of The Uninsured, but I occasionally see ads for $39 eye exams with the purchase of your glasses. I can make do with readers and I get them at Costco, 3 pairs for $18.99. A few weeks ago my vision started getting really blurry and I was headachy at the end of the day. I stepped up to 2.00 magnification and Voila! I can read and knit again!

2. Closet~ Last week I posted a picture of my scary closet. When we lived in the bigger condo, the closet in the spare bedroom was my Christmas/Craft closet. Now all the craft stuff shares a closet with my clothes. I'm asking Santa for a gift certificate for the Big Giant Home Stuff Store and I'll get shoe racks and purse racks and shelves and I'll make the whole project a New Year's resolution.

3. Loose Skin~ No one told me that when you lose 50+ pounds, your skin gets loose. REALLY loose. I expected it on my jelly belly and bubble butt, but definately NOT on my hands and arms. And feet! I need to do some serious research on how to get rid of it without the services of a plastic surgeon.

4. Car~ It's doing a rumbling thing at about 30 miles an hour. It needs to go into the shop. So far it isn't bothering me too much because I've been hibernating.....because.....

5. Job~ My boss is throwing me a 3 hour shift about once every 10 days. I've been called in to work on a few visual changes, but for the most part I'm not working. Mr Sunshine says "don't worry about it". It only bothers me when I want to spend a little money on non-essentials, like mani/pedi, books, hair dye, Christmas cards, candles. Notice that WINE does not appear on that list. Mom is selling her Florida winter home and I'll need to spend time helping her this winter, so I'm not really keen on getting a new job and asking for a lot of time off. I'll just spend the winter being the wino in the library with grey roots and snaggly fingernails.


bunny said...

As someone unemployed for a year, here's my way to cope with non-essentials:

1) Mani-pedi: Vaseline is your friend. Keep them trimmed/filed and a couple of nights a week, wrap your hands/feet in a warm, damp hand towel for a few minutes, then slather petroleum jelly on your damp skin, put on cotton socks (on your hands too!) and go to bed. Beautiful skin in the morning!
2) Hair dye: Watch for coupons and sales...I bought four boxes of color a little while ago for about $10 with coupons and a Rite Aid sale.
3) Christmas cards: You are crafty so make them! Or just go to Walmart where you can get about 1000 for $1.
4) Candles: Employee discount anyone?
5) Wine: $2 Chuck? An Aldi close by? I have also found Barefoot to be quite good and it's relatively inexpensive.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

1) The vaseline trick would be great if my back was flexible enough to actually reach my feet!
2)I had a professional hair color about a month ago and I'm finding the root touch up stuff at the store works pretty well. Especially if my daughter does it for me!
3)I'm still pondering the "make your own cards"
4) I really don't NEED candles. I have a stash.
5) funf Riesling on sale at Publix, $7.96/Buy one/get one free. I'm going to stock up this afternoon!

bunny said...

1) Combine with a foot massage from the mister! ;)
2) Maybe I can train my hubs to touch up my roots.
3) I couldn't be bothered, but if you send me one, I will hang it up!
4) NEED is relative.

Jen on the Edge said...

Thanks for the warning about the loose skin. If and when I finish losing weight, I'll know to expect it. I wonder if duct tape would help hold things in place???

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I agree that the wine thing is not an optional purchase under any circumstances! I can give myself a decent manicure, but unless I become Cirque du Soleil limber, the pedi is out!

robertga99 said...

I used to get mani/pedi's at a great spa here in Atlanta. Those days are gone. However, some Walmart's have nail spa's. You can get a mani/pedi combo for like $25 bucks.

Or...have you ever tried the paraffin wax spa kits? IT's like a heater that melts the wax and you stick your feet in it? They are amazing. Your feet come out so smooth and silky.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you're right on the money in tolerating all of these things for now. But don't run out of wine.