Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Is All Kind Of New To Me

Lately I feel like I'm being bombarded with a lot of things that are new to me. Considering the fact that I'm not on any anti-anxiety medication, I'm handling it all pretty well.

Work is presenting itself with all kinds of drama. I have some serious misgivings about a new employee, but for now I'm just going to keep observing and see if her behaviors become long-term habits. My boss has also given me a HUGE challenge. Deep in my heart, I don't think I can do it, but I'm going to give it 150%.

I have new hair! Well, it's still my old hair, but it looks new. I've been coloring it myself and was just "bleh" about the results. I couldn't get the color right...too light, too dark, too dull.
This week I decided to see a professional. I wish I had taken a camera to get a picture of the darling Sandy who did my hair. She looks like she's about 15 and her long, gorgeous hair was 3 shades of brown and ORANGE! She did my base in 2 different shades of warm brown, gave me some awesome caramel highlights and a great cut. I like it, I really like it!! It was worth the 8 and 1/2 hours I had to work to pay for it.

When my old cat, Buddy, died in 1994, he was 15 years old and healthy until the morning I found him hemorrhaging all over my kitchen floor. It was an instant decision to take him to the vet to be euthanized.

Tigger is not doing well. He is about 14 years old. In the past year he has aged so much. In the past month is has become so obvious that he will not be with us a lot longer. He has no strength in his back legs, so he can't stand up on the kitchen floor. He slides around, so I put a small rug from the living room to his food bowls. He can't jump onto the bed anymore, so we pick him up to get his bedtime snuggles while we read. He only makes it into the litter box about 30% of the time.

He still eats and drinks, cuddles and purrs. He doesn't really seem to be in distress. I know I'm losing him a little bit each week and I need to do a little research about when the time will be right.

I'm dealing with all the new by BREATHING, relaxing, trying to get enough sleep and staying away from too much junk food.


Cat said...

Making that final decision about a pet is sooo difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Monnik said...

Oh wow, you have a lot on your plate, I'm sorry. I hope things calm down.

It's so tough to know when to put a pet down. When we were going through it with our dog, everyone told us that we'd know when it was time. I was skeptical, but it's true - we did.

bunny said...

Congrats on the new hair! Sounds like it went better than my highlights.

As you know, I can empathize with all things new--new job, new puppy, hubs in school new. We also are coping with the downhill slide of our oldest dogter. I can cry just thinking about it. You are doing all the right things--cherish the time you have left, consider his quality of life.

Unfortch, I am not dealing with it as will as you. I bet I have gained 10-15 pounds since starting work.

Jen on the Edge said...

I know that new hair doesn't make up for stresses at work and a sick kitty, but I hope that little bit of happiness will help get you through this stressful time.

blackbird said...

Doing all those things without the anti-anxiety medication is a lot of work!
I'm sending you strength and congratulating you on the new hair!

gail said...

I'm so sorry about Tigger! We have a cat now that can't control her back legs but she does use the litter. We took her to the vets 2 years ago and they wanted to put her down. We opted to bring her home for a little while. We changed her food and she started to perk up. She's still with us.

Sounds like Tigger has kidney failure. Three of our cats ended up with that. The fourth had breast cancer.

I'll be thinking of you. It's hard to lose a member of the family.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

New hair! How exciting! Isn't it amazing how great hair is worth any money?
I'm sorry about your cat--that sounds awfully tough. And work. But if your boss trusts you, it's for a reason, so I bet you don't let anyone down.
SO glad to read the updates on you this morning!!

robertga99 said...

I have tried to color my hair several times to disastrous effect. I have decided next time I will see a professional!

I am sooo sorry to hear about Tigger! I pray God will give you a clear sign as to when the time is right or that he will pass peacefully on his own.

Fannie said...

We need pictures of your new hair! I agree with Gail about Tigger. Our Annie had kidney disease and when she stopped eating and drinking altogether we knew it was time.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Has the vet tried steroids? That has made a huge difference for our older dog.

Good haircolor is priceless--I'm thinking of a light chestnut base with a hint of red and caramel highlights. I feel like I need warmth, but I don't want it to be toooo light.