Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting My Butt Kicked. And It Hurts!

Hey! Hi! It's Mii!
Santa brought a Wii because a lovely local blogger Miss-Britt invited me to a WiiFitPlus launch party back in November and I came home with a free WiiFitPlus!

Did you know when you lose 46 pounds you get FLABBY? I was SHOCKED!
I also hate to exercise, but this is so much fun that I'll exercise for an hour at a time. I'm happy about it, but my butt is complaining. I didn't know I had any muscles back there.

I discovered that I completely suck at Yoga (I have serious muscle atrophy from being off my right leg for 4 months when I had foot surgery), there are exercises to tone my Bingo Arms (those old lady floppy bags where your triceps are supposed to be), and I ROCK at aerobic exercise.

This is my Christmas stuff.It also kicked my butt. Until 10:00 this morning it was still in my living room. Between being sick at New Year, working and working out, knitting and reading (The Help), I kept the decor up WAY later than I usually do.
Speaking of work, it has been kicking my butt in every way. I am cleaning up some stuff in the stockroom that has to be boxed up and documented until the next big sale, we made it SPRING in the store, and we are still having issues that FRUSTRATE THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!!!!
I left work at 2 am Monday morning, took a 3 hour nap from 5 am to 8 am and had to be back to work at noon. This was the conversation with my boss...
Boss: How did it go last night?
Me: You don't want to go there right now.
Boss: Yes, I do.
Me: No, you don't.
Boss: YES, I really do.
And then I blew a gasket. He's pretty good at letting me vent, so I did. He now knows that I'm sick and tired of covering the asses of people who chronically don't show up, and I'm sick and tired of cleaning up people's messes and I'm sick and tired of people who don't follow directions even after you explain it to them and I'm sick and tired of doing it all for minimun wage.
*ahhhhhhhh* that felt good.
For each of the the past 2 nights I have slept 12 hours. Me and my butt are feeling much better today.


Monnik said...

oooh, I want a Wii so bad!!!

I LOVED The Help. I think it was my favorite read of 2009.

Bee said...

Good for you for telling the boss like it is!

I am thinking a wii fit would be fun for me - I might have to book time on the wii though! Keep up the good work!

Jen on the Edge said...

If I can get the girls to share the Wii, I'm totally going to give it a try. You've inspired me.

Pete got a Wii Fit for Christmas and it's still in the box, but I think it's going to have to come out this weekend.

Hang in there with work.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are going well--good for you for letting the boss know what's up. Rant away!
I want a Wii Fit now.

Lover Lady said...

My "gift to myself" for getting a new job may be a Wii--you may be inspiring me! I am so happy my new boss will be a man--so much less baggage than working for a female.

Caterina said...

My Christmas stuff is kicking my butt clear across the universe. Aack!

Good for you, Wii all the way :)

Missy said...

I hope you get a raise after your rant! Love the Mii.

Patience_Crabstick said...

A free Wii fit! That's awesome. I'm glad your boss lends a willing ear to your rants.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love my Wii Yoga so much. I also love the balance games even though I really, really suck at running in the bubble!

Covering for people with no work ethic bites.

Cat said...

Maybe it's time for a new job.

robertga99 said...

I love the Wii fit also. They make a Wii fit plus now and it's just 19.99. You should get it. Lots more exercises and balance games

Mid-Life Lunatic said...

Well, with all the butt kicking going on, yours should be shaping up nicely! I hope your boss figures out your value. Seems to me that you should be getting paid everyone elses hourly wage on top of yours. I'm just sayin'.

blackbird said...

Keep us posted on the bingo-arm situation, okay?
I'm curious...

(WV = intedbo, which kinda sounds like nintendo, right?)

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

My Wii fit is backordered - hopefully in this week! It sounds like a blast!

Mrs. G. said...

I'm happy you and your butt got some sleep!