Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry SWAT Team Christmas!

I just got home from a 10 hr shift at the Shower Gel store, which is conveniently located in the same plaza as, and next door to, WMART.

Here's the scenario:

6pm=Little Miss Sunshine State is ringing up customers. She is looking forward to leaving in 30 minutes. She looks up just in time to see a dozen customers RUN into the store, turn around and paste their faces up against the windows and doors.

6:02pm=A co-worker runs past me and I see my boss head for the front of the store and lock the door.

6:03pm= A customer tells me there is a guy in WMART with a shotgun. He ran in through the garden center and made a beeline for the electronics dept.

6:04pm=The police have arrived and we hear that the SWAT team is on their way.

6:10pm=The SWAT team has the gunman out of WMART and in the parking lot in the front of our store. He is surrounded by 6 SWAT team officers that are pointing guns at the young suspect. NO ONE is moving.

6:30=We're all still standing at the store windows. The young suspect is now face-down on the ground in front of our store. The young suspect is crying "Mommy! I want my Mommy!"

6:45=The young suspect is in the police car. We can let customers out of the store.

7:00pm= I get out of work and run into WMART for a few stocking stuffers for my Mr SS.
I ask the cashier at the garden center if her heart rate is back to normal. She rolled her eyes at me and said "Honey, you're in WMART. We just kept ringing up the sales."

7:15=I walk to my car. I chatted with one of the SWAT Team officers. He said "just another night on the job". Young suspect's Mommy has arrived. She looks like she wants to break the boy in half. Young suspect looks like he's lucky that he's locked in the car.

Merry SWAT Team Christmas, Young Suspect.


Jen on the Edge said...

Good grief! What a nightmare.

bunny said...

30 minutes extra at work = $10 in overtime.
Stocking stuffers for Mr. S.S.'s stocking = $20
Comment by Walmart employee = priceless!

She rolled her eyes at me and said "Honey, you're in WMART. We just kept ringing up the sales."

LOL! I though I would pee my pants!

PS, my word verification is "helly."

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

$10 overtime Hahahaha

I'm gonna pee MY pants!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Holy crap. That is NOT what I'd have expected at work! That comment is priceless.
Merry Christmas!

Cat said...

Hippie just mocked the chuckle and head roll I gave to the Walmart comment. Having a teenage daughter is so fun.

Have a Merry (and safe) Christmas, LMSS!

Loretta said...

And a verry Merry Christmas in America!

Let's be charitable about it: I'm sure they just needed stocking stuffers, too.


Wishing you well from the cold.

Didja hear that Orleans got 19 inches of snow??

Fannie said...

That's not the kind of Christmas excitement you were looking for I'm sure!

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