Friday, November 13, 2009

Really?? I'm Shocked

SARAH PALIN had a ghostwriter.
CARRIE PREJEAN says breast implants are OK because the Bible doesn't say you shouldn't.

I'm having a raging, 5 week ALLERGY ATTACK (and can't figure out what I'm allergic to) and need to add 2 more pills to my daily intake. Oh wait, make that 3 because they just added another daily dose of arthritis meds.

I lost 7 pounds by recently refusing to buy food with HFCS and SKY-HIGH SODIUM levels. My Nurse-Practitioner was not schocked.

When you lose 40 POUNDS in 3 and 1/2 years, you will lose at least 10 of those pounds from your chest. And bra shopping is a torture.

It was 57 DEGREES yesterday. The first 2 years we lived in FL it never got cold before January. I had to go out and buy 2 long-sleeved shirts. This is NOT why I moved to FL.

I hope you aren't shocked by anything this weekend.


bunny said...

I am shocked people still care about Palin & Prejean.

I am shocked Fox News hasn't hired them to co-host a new show--Primetime with Palin & Prejean.

I am shocked that I cannot lost weight eating Pumpkin Pie ice cream every night.

That's all for now.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...


That's Carrie "It's Confidential Larry" to you! I wonder if the cosmetic enhancements are in the Book of Leviticus?

Jen on the Edge said...

I was just reading an article about all the ways that Palin "goes rogue" with the truth in her book. I was really hoping she'd be out of the public eye by now.

I'm making a point to avoid HFCS too and am stunned by how many foods I'm finding it in.

Gail said...

Missy Jeanne!
Did you forget where you came from? 57 used to be a nice temp for us northern folks! lol

loretta said...

My shock is that anyone would buy her book.

When you lose 125 pounds, you lose 25 in your chest.

Or so it seems.

Just call me tubesocks....

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

While the first came as no shock, the second made me chuckle.
That's a lot of weight to lose by simply cutting things out of your diet! I've been doing that for my sons' benefits, but for reasons of brain chemistry, not because of concerns about weight. But my hubby could benefit by that knowledge!

Amanda said...

Wow. Should I add to your list of foods to avoid Campbell's and Progress for the high levels of BPA in the cans? A pox on them both as my kids achieved total mutiny at the table when they were presented homemade soup. Grrr.

Monnik said...

Wow - 7 pounds because of HFCS and sodium. I should give that a try.

Hehe - I'm laughing at your complaints about long sleeved shirts. But I get you. If I moved to Florida and it wasn't warm like it's supposed to be, I'd be mad too.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Are you using a neti pot? It absolutely changed my life.