Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Want To Tell You. But I Can't.NOW WITH UPDATES!

Somebody called tonight with really good news. But I can't tell anyone. Because it hasn't been announced on facebook yet. It isn't official until it's on facebook.
UPDATE!! The good news is officially on facebook. Sorority Girl's Big Sister (of the Sorority type) got ENGAGED last night. She is truly the Big Sister my daughter never had. If I could have hand-picked a big sister for my daughter, it would have been E. She is funny and sweet and has graduated to become a kindergarten teacher. We are so happy for her.

I have to be at work in 5 5:30AM. I'd like to tell you what we're going to be doing there this weekend. But I can't. Because we had to read the Social Networking Manifesto at work about how it isn't appropriate to talk on facebook or your blog about what's going on at work.
UPDATE!! Let's just say, the little elves were hard at work before the sun came up.

I want to tell you what book I'm reading next. But I can't. Because I haven't decided. I TRIED...really hard, to read Emma by Jane Austen. 2 weeks and 45 pages later I called it quits and decided to re-read Julie and Julia.
UPDATE!! My Mom brought me a book. It is called The Big House-A Century In The Life Of An American Summer Home. The author writes about a house on Cape Cod that has been in his family for 100 years. The house is being sold and he takes his wife and children for one last trip.

I want to tell you what happened this week on So You Think You Can Dance and Grey's Anatomy. But I can't, because I haven't watched them yet. We were at Mom's, opening her house for the winter, getting her computer set up, filling her fridge with food and getting the brakes fixed on her car.
No Update yet. I still haven't watched anything on the DVR.



Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well I'm glad you got really good news and I'll stay posted!

bunny said...

Grey's was all focused on McDreamy, and that? I never, ever bad! :)

Cat said...

I can't wait to hear. And please always refer to you mother's Florida place as the Tin Can Village. That cracks me up every time.

Jen on the Edge said...

I'm formulating theories about the good news, but will wait patiently until you make an official announcement.

Loretta said...

Loved The Big House! Great and especially wonderful if you are from that area ...have fun!

Missy said...

I want to read that book about the house. Tell me if it's any good. You haven't watched SYTYCD yet??? Did you see the Michael Jackson movie? Dancing was great!

Patience_Crabstick said...

I like SYTYCD, except for Mary--she needs a muzzle. And the lyrical lady.
I think blogging about work is OK as long as you keep it general, don't reveal company secrets, give co-workers transparent nicknames, etc.

prashant said...
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