Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tigger's Take On The New Apartment

me: Hey Tigger, you've been living here in the treehouse for about 3 weeks now.
How do you like it?

tig: Well, it's kind of cool. Definately more quiet. Interesting layout in the place.
Can we discuss the bathroom?

me: Sure. What about it?

tig: It's a little small compared to the last place. You have my litter box wedged in between the toilet and the tub. NO PRIVACY!

me: Hey, I'm not happy with that location either. Can we discuss your new habit of jumping out of the side of the litter box and onto the edge of the tub? Twice a day, I have to clean kitty litter out of the tub. Try to get a handle on that.

tig: Sorry, I'll try to do better.
Did you realize there are 2 doors in this bathroom? I can walk in a big circle
from the hall, through the bathroom, through your bedroom hallway and
back to the spare bedroom. Let's call that DAILY EXERCISE!

me: What do you think of your new eating arrangement? It's in the kitchen!

tig: It's a little weird for me. I was used to eating in the laundry room and now,
NO PRIVACY! And what's up with that big tray thingy under my bowls?

me: When you used to eat in the laundry room, I would go in and sweep once a
day. Now, I'm not so fond of crunching on Kitty Kibble every time I walk
into the kitchen. Have you noticed that we don't even have a laundry
ROOM anymore? Would you prefer to eat in the laundry CLOSET?

tig: You know what I REALLY like? Those big sunny, sliding glass doors in the
spare bedroom. In the other apartment, I had to stare at a wall all day,
when I napped on the far side of the bed.

me: Oh yeah. Remind me that we need to chat about the all-day napping
situation. You really don't pull your 24-Pound weight around here.
I could teach you how to sweep up the kitty litter off the bathroom floor.

tig: Oops. 'scuse me. Speaking of naps, I'm due for another one right about now.

me: OK, Big Dude. Thanks for chatting with me today.


Liz in Virginia said...

Looks to me like the new arrangement will be fine -- as long as you don't interfere with Tigger's rigorous napping schedule.

Love your blog (I've lurked for a while)!

Liz at twenty-firstcenturyhousewife.blogspot.com

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Glad Tigger's adjusting okay. If you two ever solve the problem of kitty litter all over the floor, please let me know!