Sunday, August 23, 2009

The What The Hell Weekend

It's been kind of a What The Hell Weekend. Not necessarily in a bad way. It just seemed like every couple of hours I found myself saying What The Hell?? There was so much What The Hell?? that I can't even do a bullet list!

Some Sorority Girl What The Hell??
The past 2 weeks have been All Sorority-All the time. They had alumni week and then Recruitment/Rush week. It turns out she was closely and repeatedly exposed to Aggghhhh!!! SWINE FLU!!
Being the cautious child that I raised, she decided to spend this weekend getting rest and staying hydrated.

And speaking of Sorority Girl, she starts her SENIOR YEAR!! of college this week. When did my baby girl grow up and become a senior in college?

Some W-Mart What The Hell??
Last night I got out of work at 7pm. I strolled next door to W-Mart to pick up my prescription. While I was on vacation they started a MAJOR overhaul and re-organizing of the store...while it is still open. I had to shop for a toothbrush and deodorant in a CONSTRUCTION ZONE!! With 10 million back-to-school shoppers. And the pharmacy CLOSED AT 7PM!!

And dear lady in the pet food aisle, the large tattoo on your calf, combined with the seriously stubbly legs? Are you headed over to the aisle with the disposable razors?

Some Weight Watchers What The Hell??
Last night I made a healthy dinner from my WW cookbook. I had been a good little weight watcher all day. The dinner of salad, grilled chicken breast with a black bean salsa was so delicious. I got up and weighed myself this morning and I had GAINED 2 POUNDS!!

Some Grocery Store What The Hell??
In Massachusetts they had Georgia peaches for 99 cents a pound. I come back to Florida, which is thisclosetoGeorgia and the store has CALIFORNIA peaches for $2.49 a pound!!

Reading labels was depressing. Every third item I picked up had HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP!! I'm a BORDERLINE DIABETIC here! Do you really have to put that crap in fat-free half and half?

Okay, I'm done What The Helling.

Upcoming fun from Little Miss Sunshine State: pictures from my Mom's Very Merry Un-birthday Party. She was so cute! And a combo post where I'll do some book reviews AND it will be a Poverty Party post because of free books and used books and discount books. I might even entertain you with some scrapbook pages I've worked on recently. ~~NERD ALERT~~


bunny said...

Snort. LOL. Please forgive my laughing, but that shizz was funny. Esp. the peaches. And the HFCS. And the weight gain. WTH? It was ALL funny.

Cat said...

I wouldn't be suprised if those California peaches had some high fructose corn syrup injected into them.

Monnik said...

Ha! Great post. I'm jealous that you have scrapbook pictures to show. I haven't had time to do any scrapbooking in like 4 years.


And HFCS is in EVERYTHING, you are right about that. It's annoying.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh man, that sounds like a wretched welcome home. Ugh.

Fannie said...

I'm sure the two pounds was just water weight - it always is!