Monday, June 29, 2009

What I Learned This Weekend

This past weekend wore me out. Not the good kind of tired from working hard or exercising or accomplishing . I'm talking about that kind of worn out when you fling yourself into bed at night and your body twitches and your mind races.

I try to find the lessons in things. I hope I learned from the past two days.

When you have a choice between unbearable pain and suffering the side effects of pain meds, it's sometimes better to choose the side effects.

Facebook is not the place to get into a spitting contest with judgemental people.

Never believe the boss when he calls you to say "Ummmm, I think we're going to cancel your shift today". Because when you change into shorts and a t-shirt and throw your hair in a ponytail and don't put on makeup and go grocery shopping, your boss will call and say "Gee, we're really busy, do you think you could come in?"

Don't start the NYT Sunday Crossword at 9PM. The old brain cells have already gone to bed by that time.

People REALLY hated Michael Jackson. Because he was creepy and looked funny. If we made a list of all the artists in time that we're supposed to "hate" because they looked or acted weird, it would be a VERY long list and we would have missed out on some really good art and entertainment.

Vacation starts in 72 hours. it's a good thing because my brain really needs one.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Whew. I'd need a vacation too--that's a lot of lessons crammed into a weekend!

BOSSY said...

Have a happy vacation!