Thursday, February 26, 2009

That's Weird

Weirdest song in my iTunes-If I Had A Million Dollars (Runner-up Fat Bottomed Girls)

Weirdest thing that's been in my pocket- A patient's tube of blood

Weirdest thing in my car right now- lots! A Hot/Cold food storage bag, a box cutter, a clip-on air freshener in Island Nectar scent.

Weirdest place I've ever peed-Behind a rock on I-95 in Connecticut

Weirdest movie I've ever seen- A Clockwork Orange (Runner-up The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz)

Weirdest hairstyle I've ever had-The 80's version- A permed wedge that got cut into a permed mullet.

Weirdest outfit I've ever worn-The 1972 version- Purple Hot Pants, a white blouse with very puffy sleeves, a purple vest(longer than the hot pants), black fishnet stockings, black platform shoes. I was a Groovy Girl in 9th grade.

Weirdest thing I've ever seen anyone do- I knew a guy in high school who was a magician. He put a bunch of sewing needles and a very long piece of black thread in his mouth. He rolled it around in his mouth, then pulled it out with all the needles threaded onto the thread.


Heather T said...

that magic trick with the needles sounds freaky. Although I can imagine far more grotesque things he could have done. Ew.

Oh, and I don't think a hot/cold bag in the car is weird at all. Where exactly do you NOT need this? I have never lived somewhere that this didn't come in handy.

Crazy Mo said...

I'll bet the circa 72 outfit was awesome! Do you have a picture of that? And the magic trick ... cool!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That IS weird--especially that tube of blood in your pocket! I regret to share that I've had that weird hair, too.

raino said...

i finally found you ! i must explain. i copied this meme onto my blog (and added a couple of my own weirdest things at the end but i could remember whos blog i had found it on, therefore not being able to give you credit for it or linking to your site.

sorry about that.

i loved this meme.

Fannie said...

Whaa? "If I Had a Million Dollars" ROCKS - I love that song!

I LOVE YOU said...


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