Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos: Walk In The Park

The park where I walk is called Crane's Roost. It is the part of the city called Uptown Altamonte. The park is on the left side of this road.

I drive a little farther down, park behind the Mall on the right side of the road and cross the street. If you walk all the way around the outer perimeter of the park, on the paved walkway, you will walk 1 mile.
This is where I enter the park.
After I cross the boardwalk, I enter what I call the "country side" of the park.
It is shaded by a canopy of Live Oaks and has grassy areas where people exercise and have picnics.

This is my view about 1/3 of a mile. The tent has a stage for concerts and events.
Little kids feed the ducks.

There were about 20 of these guys (White Ibis) but the little girl feeding the ducks kept chasing them away.
This is looking toward the boardwalk, my starting point at the far end of the park. I'm about 1/2 a mile from there. Here I'm almost at the beginning of the
"city side" of the park.
This gate separates the lake on the left from the gardens on the right. One day soon I'll post pictures of the garden. There are surprises in there.
These steps are the across from the tent and stage. We can go there on Friday nights for free concerts. They have a rotating schedule of blues bands, unplugged, jazz and people who sing the "standards".
Note the little building just past the steps with the white, pointy roof. It's the rest rooms. For those of us who overdo the H2O.
Another 20 or 30 steps after that and I'm back to the beginning.


Violet said...

Oh, how I long to live in a beautiful place by the water like this! Especially tonight, when I'm stuck in the middle where it is stupidly, ridiculously cold and we have a fresh, 4.5" coat of snow.

Enjoy it!

Avitable said...

It annoys me that Crane's Roost is not pet friendly, though, because we would love to take Jigsaw walking around there and can't.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Fannie said...

Gah! Sunny! Warm! Jealous!

Loretta said...

Oh, it was ...7.... degrees yesterday.

I may have to break my vow never to use the words "move" and "Florida" in the same sentence.

Amy A. said...

What a great walk! Looks hot, though.