Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo: Downtown Reflection

Thanksgiving afternoon we went downtown to see Orlando Guitar Town. It's kind of like Cows On Parade, except the artists painted 10 foot tall replicas of Gibson electric guitars, inspired by certain musicians.

In the next day or 2, I'll be posting some of the ones we found. As we were driving around the lake to head home, Tom grabbed the camera to shoot this photo of the downtown skyline.


middle class taxpayer said...

hi, it's me again. i know i'm not the most liked person on your blog, but i do enjoy reading your posts. youre a good writer. anyway, just wanted to say that i like the downtown reflection picture. oh, and congratulations on bho's election. he ran a great campaign, and i am not too proud to admit i think he's been making some very good decisions right out of the gate. while i didn't vote for him, i hope, for our country's sake, he's as good a president that his many supporters expected him to be.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Thanks for stopping by again.I appreciate it.
I hope you'll send me your e-mail address. I really wanted you to understand that you had an impression of me that was not who I really was.

Monnik said...

wow - what a great photo!!

Monnik said...

Hey LMSS - wanted to let you know that my daughter used that Keith Olbermann video you posted a while back as supporting material for a letter she had to write for her Government class.

The assignment was to pick an issue and try to convince one of Iowa's senators to vote a certain way on that issue. She chose legalizing gay marriage as her issue and used some of the same points that Olbermann did. So thanks for sharing it!

middle class taxpayer said...

lmss - i would prefer not to give anyone my email address, since i had a very bad and scary experience once. thanks for the offer tho.