Wednesday, November 26, 2008

T'was The Night Before Thanksgiving

T'was the night before Thanksgiving.
And all through the house.
Absolutely NOTHING will be happening.
Tomorrow will be a quiet day here (that's how I like my Holidays).
I'm fighting a cold that is threatening to settle into my lungs.

Cape Cod Kid will stay in MA and have Thanksgiving with my family up there.
Because he will be coming HERE for 2 weeks at Christmas.

Sorority Girl has been invited to Jacksonville to have Thanksgiving with Frat Boyfriend's family. They are thrilled that she will be there. His mother loves my SG.

Mr Sunshine State and I will show up at a local church to help with their Thanksgiving Dinner. We signed up to be on the clean-up crew.

Then I will make some Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels and Peppermint Bark.
Friday, I'll be working and we planned a big Potluck so my fellow co-workers can keep up their energy while we help the hardcore shoppers.

I'm thankful for all the new friends I've "met" since I started blogging last November.
I hope you all have a warm, happy Thanksgiving Day.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a nice way to spend the day.

Pepperoni Pizza Pinwheels? Do we get to hear more about this mouth-watering treat?

Have a great day tomorrow!


blackbird said...

I think that sounds close to perfect.