Thursday, August 21, 2008

This Is Just Bananas

Bananas are one of the foods you will usually find in my house. When Cape Cod Kid lived at home, he would have 2 at a time for a snack. Mr Sunshine State usually takes one to work with him. Even Tigger tries to get in on the banana bounty.
~Somebody give me a hand here, I don't have opposable thumbs!

If Sorority Girl planned to take one for lunch, she would leave a note for her brother.

Interesting conversation:
SG: Can I have a banana?
Me: Of course.
SG: But I don't want to eat Dad's work bananas.
Me: As opposed to his leisure bananas?

I don't eat many bananas. They make the roof of my mouth tingle and itch. It's some kind of contact allergy with a protein in the banana.
Every now and then I crave a PBB.

Of course I use a leisure banana.



Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Work and leisure bananas? That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I love PBB's, but don't eat them often.

Ellie LOVES bananas and will sometimes eat 2 or 3 a day. Since she can't have strawberries or carrot sticks (same problem you have with bananas), bananas are a good choice for her.

Memarie Lane said...

We go through a lot of bananas too, but Max is the only one that actually eats them. I use them in muffins and breads and popsicles. No banana will ever go to waste in this house!

Amy A. said...

THAT is funny.

Kelley said...

OH YUM! I haven't had one in years!

So where do I find the leisurely bananas? I expect they would be better than the work ones, they would be rather bitter.