Tuesday, June 3, 2008

PHOTOS-The 10 Pictures Meme

I grabbed this idea from jenontheedge and Patience_Crabstick
It's the one where you take 10 specific pictures. Here are mine.
Don't hate me because my apartment is clean. THERE ARE NO CHILDREN LIVING HERE!

The kitchen. 75% of it. I can stand in the middle and touch everything in there.
The fridge. Recently cleaned and organized. Notice a little OCD in the arrangement? The Margarita Mix was shy and hid behind the milk.

This is Sorority Girl/Guest bathroom. You can tell she is not here because of the lack of hair, makeup and contact lens paraphernalia on the sink.

Cute shoes and comfortable. Sadly, I can't wear them to work because they are not a solid, neutral color.

I have 2 favorites, so you're getting 2! They're Bjorndal.

Half of the walk-in closet. Look at all the black and white clothes. She must work at Pottery Barn!

Laundry. The green basket is the dirty stuff. The white basket is the clean stuff.

KIDS. KIDS? No kids live here. What are they doing now? I would guess Cape Cod Kid is mowing,raking,digging or planting. He works for a landscape/irrigation company. Sorority Girl? Probably at Fratboyfriend And The Fratboys house, or on campus at the Rec Center or the Rec Pool. Yes, they have a "resort-style" pool. That's why it's called University of Tropical Paradise.

Fantasy vacation. My "Won the Freaking Lottery" vacation. My "bucket list"
vacation. My best friend has been twice and sends me e-mails to tell me I must go there. Mozart. Strauss. St. Stephen's Cathedral. Sigh. Vienna. With a side of Salzburg.

I spend a lot of time in the Living Room. The monster television is the 52-inch portal to sports and movies. And ALL MY CHILDREN.

And finally. My self-portrait. Double the pleasure. Double the fun. Holding up my Double Chin.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you did the meme. It's fun seeing everyone's kitchen sinks and whatnot.

Oh, and I think we have the same fridge, just with the doors reversed. And, of course, yours is cleaner than mine.

blackbird said...


See you at 1:00.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Vienna would make a fabulous vacation. I like your shoes!

Amy A. said...

I like it! I'm glad to see you still have a laundry pile, even if it is just a little one.

I'll have to go visit jen and maybe try this one out myself.

Loretta said...

Love your self=portrait! Now if we could only get Blackbird to join in....

Melissa said...

How fun and clever you are! Yes, no children equals much cleaner house. I do not hate, I envy.

I heart your shoes!

Monnik said...

your shoes have to be a solid, neutral color for work? that would kill me!

(i'm wearing a pair of open toed leopard print pumps today at work.)

love these pics!