Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love and Drama in the Cardinal World

I spent a bit of this morning watching a sweet pair of cardinals outside my living room window. She was sitting on my Rubbermaid Trash Valet. He was working really hard to impress her by flitting and flying over her head.
Around in circles he would go, way up to the corner of the patio overhang, then back down to sit by her side and make courting conversation.

She decided to play hard-to-get and flew across the sidewalk to the 2nd floor ledge of the next apartment building. He followed and sat on a tree limb and started chirping his sweet nothings again. He didn't notice that I was watching. Or that SOMETHING ELSE was also watching.

It was one of the more agressive squirrels that live in the biggest tree on that side of the sidewalk. I've had a close encounter with this guy before. Once he jumped on the wall near my front door and stared me down as I was unlocking the door.

He was quietly sneaking up on Mr Cardinal and then startled him into jumping out of the tree and onto the ground. He jumped to the ground and backed the bird into the corner of the building and then jumped on him! Miss Cardinal started frantically pacing on the second floor ledge while Mr Cardinal frantically screeched for help.

I opened my front door and crossed the sidewalk. I snapped my fingers and the big, scary squirrel turned to look at me. He took a couple of steps closer to me and gave me the big, scary stare. It distracted him long enough for the Cardinals to chirp a message to each other. Miss Cardinal took off down the long sidewalk between the buildings, with Mr Cardinal following.

They have found another, quieter, safer place to continue their morning date and the big, scary squirrel is sitting in a tree outside my living room window. He's glaring at me. I know he's mad that I ended his morning fun and games.

I know he's just waiting for me to leave the apartment so he can jump on my face.


Anonymous said...

Add to your library books, Mary Alice Monroe books. If you like the beach (and turtles) you will love her books.

Cardinals are my favorite.

I want to move to FL also but so many people move back so I am hestiant to take the big step (and leave MA).

Honeybell said...

You MUST take a photographer with you when you leave the apartment . . . I really need to see a picture of that.

Kerry said...

You need my dog Bailey to visit. She'll get that squirrel! Well, actually, I hate it when she catches small animals. It's sad. My baby is a killer!

Anyway, I tagged you on my blog. Hope you don't mind. I'm sure you've done the "random things about me" thing before, but it's the first time I got tagged and I don't have that many bloggers to tag!


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! Wild Kingdom in your very own back yard! Do you think the scary squirrel is rabid?