Monday, February 4, 2008

Taking Inventory

It was inventory day at the Barn. Counting-everything-that-didn't-walk-away Day.
I got 3 hours sleep, woke up before the crack of dawn and promptly clocked in at 5:45 AM.

I think I counted 5000 curtain rings, 200 drapes,24 sets of rod finials, 20 sets of drape holdbacks, 75 wood swatches, 50 rug swatches, 75 oil diffusers, 10 sets of diffuser sticks, 32 bottles of room spray, 75 candles, 90 picture frames, 60 pillows, 60 down pillow inserts, 16 large books, 5 large vases, 4 sets of nesting side tables, 20 woven baskets, 2 mirrors, 1 cube side table, 5 lidded wooden boxes, 6 stems of faux hydrangea.

We do KILLER pot-luck at the Barn.
I know I ate 1 square of egg and sausage casserole, 1 spoonful of cheesy potato casserole,1 slice of turkey, 2 brownies. 5 peanut butter blossom cookies.
I know I drank 2 cups of coffee, one fresca, 4 glasses of water.

I clocked out at 4:35 PM. I had a phone conversation with my daughter. I picked up the hubby at work, went to the REAL MEXICAN take-out place, (real Mexicans cook real Mexican food, open 24 hrs a day)

Any minute now I'm going to bed to read a few more chapters in Alan Alda's latest book.

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blackbird said...

When I come to visit you'll need to take me to that Mexican place.