Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sloane Tanen is the Master of Chicks

My Chicky Pix were inspired by a book called Bitter With Baggage by
Sloane Tanen.
She is the QUEEN of putting little chicks in amazing and hysterical situations.
If you need a good laugh today, go check out her site.

Damn I still can't do links.


MadMad said...

Darn! I wish you had your email posted! I know you work at P.B. - I actually made sure the bag showed, just for you! I was even going to write something on the picture, but couldn't think of exactly what.

To do a link, click on the little thing that looks like binoculars in the bar at the top of the Blogger posting box. Then, just fill out the boxes. (Let me know if that doesn't help.)

Wendy said...

I love her book and gave it out to a bunch of friends one Christmas a few years ago. It didn't even occur to me to see if she had a website. Thank you!!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Hi! I came here from MadMad. She told me that you work at Pottery Barn?! I wrote on my blog that I am DESPERATE for a queen size Duncan Stripe duvet cover. Any tips for me?!