Friday, January 4, 2008

I Never Get Tired Of

These 25 things. Thanks for the idea, blackbird.

  1. dolphins
  2. blue skies
  3. carnations
  4. corn on the cob
  5. fireworks
  6. parades
  7. my pot of bamboo
  8. scrapbooking
  9. listening to the soundtrack to WICKED
  10. my extra ear piercings
  11. how warm sunshine feels on my skin
  12. diet Pepsi
  13. the beach
  14. tuna salad sandwiches
  15. ultra fine point sharpies
  16. corn muffins with butter
  17. my wedding ring
  18. reading
  19. coffee
  20. the smell of just-bathed and shampooed babies
  21. my best friend
  22. dark chocolate
  23. potatoes
  24. watching The Sound Of Music
  25. backrubs


blackbird said...

But only tuna sandwiches from the deli...

Loretta said...

I enjoyed your list. Mr. Pom plays the soundtrack from Wicked almost constantly. I think he'd leave me for Elfaba.