Friday, January 25, 2008

I Feel Bad About My Feet

Or.....Getting Old Isn't For Wimps.......Or......Hormones Are A Cruel, Cruel Thing.

When I read I Feel Bad About My Neck, I thought Nora had been hiding out in my guest room. Now that the birthdays start with a 5, I often look in the mirror and say "What the %&$# is THAT??? Acne at this age? Apparently I'm being punished for having good skin when I was younger. And the wrinkles certainly weren't from sun exposure. I lived my first 49 years in a place where the sky was grey more than it was blue. We were lucky to get 10 beach days per summer.

I've decided to let the hair go grey. And let it grow. Long.
I have always loved older women with their grey hair up in a loose bun. Oh, how much money I spent getting my hair colored. For 11 years!! I've grown out my roots and the grey is coming along nicely.

The arthritis kinda sucks. I don't mind it so much in the elbow that I may have broken 8 years ago. It's the arthritis in the hands and feet that I could live without. I haven't worn pretty shoes since the 1980's. I had surgery on my right foot 2 yrs ago. It took 1 month in a cast, then 2 months in a boot and another 9 months to completely heal. When I started having pain in the same foot 2 days ago I had a little panic attack. It may need a few weeks in the boot to get the inflammation to settle down.

I've been visiting Perimenopause Land for almost 9 years now. Let me tell you, it's no amusement park. Monthly Madness seems to be slowly fading away. Finally. I'm OVER IT!!!! I used to think that one day it would stop and never come back. Ohhhh, no. Not so easy, Sister. First it was the stage of only being able to wear black pants for 7 days a month. Then it was the 10 Days on, 15 Days off roller coaster. Then it was the 3 months on, 4 months off Merry Go Round. Apparently that wasn't menopause, it was thyroid. The unfortunate side effect of having a functioning thyroid again was that my periods started again. Thankfully only for about 36 hours a month.

So, that last box of tampons had been in the cupboard since last Summer. And there were only 2 left. I had to visit an aisle in CVS that I hadn't seen in a looong time. And the brand I like only came in boxes of 40! That should last until I'm at least eligible for Social Security. And they cost $7.49!

It's a good thing I don't color my hair anymore. I need the money for some new pricey anti-aging makeup to go with my new hair and my new wrinkles.


Janet said...

I'd like to give up coloring my hair...turned 50 last June, but have been coloring it for years...not brave enough, precious, not brave enough yet.

Wendy said...

I've hemmed and hawed about starting to color my hair and now I'm back to letting it just be.

So I'm not the only woman who feels she's being punished now for good skin in high school? (For what it's worth - I started using Keihl's tea tree oil toner with some decent results.)

And I liked the little basket redo too!

Mrs. G. said...

I loved that book. It seriously made me laugh out loud. Your feet are perfect.

Pat said...

Hi - I'm a new reader and enjoyed your blog very much! I also went throught the thyroid thing and the on again off again thing, and now I think I'm finally in the I declaire "I'm free at last" stage. Not ready to elt the hair go grey as yet though ...maybe a few more years.

Amy A. said...

Oh, the joys of things I have to look forward to.

I am sitting here today researching high blood pressure treatments because I worry about it. My mind always goes to the worst case scenario.

I think I just need to cut out the caffeine and stop having anxiety attacks!

Hopefully you'll show us your hair when it grows out like you want it.

Jen M. said...

You know it really is true - youth is wasted on the young.

I battle arthritis in my hands, so I know your pain - literally.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh the skin! I totally feel like all the zits I never had in high school have come to attack me now.

One thing that is helping is facials every couple of months. I go to a beauty school for them; it's much cheaper, because the students do the treatment.

Loretta said...

My total sympathies on the feet! I don't dare wear heels -or flats - without anticipating major pain for weeks. I've spent the winter in Uggs and Merrill clogs - whatever shall I do when spring comes??

As for the skin, fuggedaboutit! What I want to know is where the hell do those little lap cracks come from??

Hair - will never stop coloring it. Only thing that keeps me from smashing every mirror in the house!