Saturday, November 3, 2007

What Not To Wear

Let me start by saying I'm not a fashionista. I have no fashion sense whatsoever. And let me add that the following sighting occured in WalMart where I go to stand in line with the other working-uninsured-po-folks to get my $4 generic prescriptions filled before I go over to COSTCO to get my $126 name-brand prescription filled. This is my punishment for having fibromyalgia-arthritis-insomnia-thyroid issues.

The lady in front of me appeared to be in her 50's, but she was dressed like a 5 yr old. In turquoise shorts, a pink polo shirt and the icing on the cake....a pink plastic headband with turquoise flowers on it.
I work at a store that I will call PB. That means my wardrobe is full of black,tan,navy,grey,brown,white clothes. That's the dress code, folks. On any given day, you will see me in some combination of navy/white, navy/tan, grey/black, black/white, brown/tan or brown/white.With a black or brown claw clip in my hair. I own 4 pairs of black shoes and 2 pairs of navy shoes and 1 pair of brown shoes.....and one pair of sparkly beaded red flip-floppy-type sandals.
Today I bought myself a TURQUOISE shirtdress. Not at WalMart. Cute, even if it WAS the color of the WalMart lady's shorts. I looked at myself in the mirror for a looonnnggg time. It was soooo bright. But it was $35 on sale for $17.99 with an additional % off that made it $12!! And I am going to a baby shower next weekend. SOLD.

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