Saturday, November 10, 2007

They Flunked Bedside Manner 101

Don't the medical schools screen potential students for obnoxious personalities?And WHY NOT??

I once had internal issues and saw a doctor in our medical building that I thought I could trust to be sensitive. Yes, he was sensitive all right. He sensitively suggested that since he didn't think there was anything wrong with my digestive system I might benefit from a prescription for Valium. Go to Hell, dude.

I once had a child with ADD. I took him to a "specialist" and after the physical exam I began talking about what type of structure and intervention we had used at home and my opinion on medications. He looked at me and said "Are you a doctor? You have very strong opinions about your son's treatment and I don't think they are appropriate. I will think about this and decide by Friday if I will accept your child as a patient." I picked my jaw up off the floor, walked out of the room and told the receptionist that I really didn't care if he wanted to be my son's doctor or not because we were never coming back anyway. Goodbye.

This past week a friend was in the hospital for something that felt like heart issues. Dr Wonderful used a very condescending tone of voice to discuss her weight, her financial status and her mental health. He was a Class A-Asswipe.

It says MD after the name. Not G-O-D.

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